Hugh's fascination with the history and development of theatre lighting is well known
within the industry, and his graduates! What began as a hobby has now developed into
part of the company's business. Vintage theatre and film lighting fixtures are sourced from
around the world, then carefully dismantled, refinished in meticulous detail by chrome
plating, polishing and repainting, then carefully reassembled to retain the esthetics of
each piece. Damaged, missing or broken parts are either repaired, replaced or remade.
Pieces date back as far as 1920, and buyers located in USA, UK and Europe are constantly
sourcing items for restoration and revival.

Due to the growing interest in this aspect of the company - proving Hugh is not the only
one to recognise the beauty of these historic pieces - certain restored fixtures can be
purchased from Pacific Lighting (HK) Limited, whilst some of the rarer pieces are available
for rental for visual merchandising, photo shoots and film work. Call the Pacific Lighting
offices to find out more.